FMA - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FMA?

  • A student-run organization that provides a forum for the exchange of financial-related information, career networking opportunities and social activities.

What are the advantages of joining the FMA?

  • Members in good standing are eligible to attend trips.

  • At the monthly meetings, students hear from business executives in all areas of finance explain what they do and how they got to where they are today.

  • Dinner and refreshments are served at each meeting.

  • FMA members are usually the first to hear about new job opportunities.

  • Being a member of the FMA is something to list on your resume.

  • The FMA is a great way to meet people!

Who is eligible to join?

  • All students (both undergraduate and graduate) majoring in business are eligible to join FMA and can attend the monthly meetings.

  • Priority for trips is given to finance majors. However, attendance at meetings and service hours is also a major factor that determines who is selected to go on trips. Therefore, a non-finance major who attends monthly meetings and performs service hours may be selected to go on a trip over a finance major who does not regularly attend monthly meetings.

  • Proctoring exams for finance faculty.

  • Attending race events to raise funds for charity.

  • Any volunteer work that you can show proof for will count.

How can one earn service hours?

  • $50 per semester or $90 for two semesters.

What are the dues?

  • Meetings are held from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in The Haslam Business Building. The location of the meetings may change, but are currently scheduled in the West Wing of the Haslam Business Building (room 440). We encourage all attendees to dress business casual.

When are the meetings and where are they held?

  • The three-night trip to New York is every other year in the fall. The next trip is October 4-6, 2018. In New York, you’ll meet investment bankers, visit the New York Stock Exchange and meet UT alumnae who work in New York. Although all of the details for next year’s trip haven’t been finalized, we may meet with the FBI, take a walking tour of Wall Street, have dinner at Carmine’s (all you can eat Italian), visit the 9/11 Memorial, take an NBC Studio Tour, take the ferry to Brooklyn for dinner or go on a bike tour of Central Park. Your expenses include your airline ticket, metro card and any entertainment in New York. Most meals will be covered.

What are some of the details about the trip to New York?

  • On the two-night trip to Omaha, you’ll meet famed investor Warren Buffett.  We are usually there with students from 6 other schools (20 students each).  We’ll have a Q/A session with Mr. Buffett and all the other students, then go to lunch with Mr. Buffett at his favorite steak house.  Other activities include a tour of The Oriental Trading Co., Borsheim’s Jewelry Store, and The Nebraska Furniture Mart.  You’ll also be treated to a very nice dinner on our last night.  Your only expense is the cost of airfare to Omaha.

What are some of the details about the trip to Omaha?

  • A one-day trip to Nashville to tour CAT Financial. All transportation and meals are provided.

  • Dinner at Regions Bank to meet members of their management team and learn more about the opportunities in banking.


Other possible activities include:

  • Informal meeting with a current student who landed an internship with an investment banking firm in New York;

  • Bowling;

  • Lake outing at Mrs. Murphy’s lake house in Louisville;

  • Personality assessment;

  • Pub night.



Are there any other trips or activities?